Welcome to the Age of Heroes!

This campaign will be run in the new Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, and is based on the small oceanic continent of Genoshia. Relatively isolated from the rest of the world thanks to periodic yet unpredictable subtropical storms that come from the south, Genoshia has developed, flourished, been devastated and risen from the ashes of events entirely of its own design.

Foreigners to this land are incredibly rare outside of the occasional shipwreck survivor fortunate enough to make it to the western coastline. The inhabitants of Genoshia find foreigners to be rare enough to be a point of curiosity, but they are generally welcoming and understanding of those who now find themselves stranded.

Our tale begins in the lands known simply as the Western Kingdom, where an unusual rise in raids by orcs, goblins and kobolds near the commercially important border town of Riverbrook has prompted the king to send Esteban, one of his military captains at the head of a relief force to help shore up the defenses of Riverbrook and to try to determine the cause of the increased raids.

Age of Heroes

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