Age of Heroes

Another letter home

To Rand Fireforge, Festung Stormfist

Dear Father,

How are you and my brothers faring? I have yet to receive any letters back from you – I just hope my letters to you are all reaching you.

We have had a busy time the last few weeks! Firstly on our way to Everance we were repeatedly attacked. First by a ghostly siren, then by an undead warrior on a flying creature (later identified as a manticore, no less). Although we defeated them handily, it shocked me to find so many undead creatures were about in the land.

When we got to Everance we got a scholar to investigate some coins we had found, and set about systematically destroying a graverobbing gang. This gang had had the temerity to steal the body of an ex-girlfriend of Twinkletoes, our stalwart Halfling. We laid a trap for them in the local church, wiped out nearly all the gang that turned up, then trailed them back to their headquarters and cleaned them up also. this led us to information about their paymaster, who we traced to a rather disreputable part of the city, before killing all of his lackeys. The leader got away though, due to some kind of teleporting spell he cast. I felt so frustrated that I didn’t even notice that he had killed Twinkletoes in the battle. We hunted around and found someone willing to raise him, which cost a hefty sum, I do declare, but we did manage to restore him to life.

Twinkletoes has a mission now, to raise enough money to bring his dead girlfriend back to life. A mission I feel obliged to help him with.

As a parting note, please be on your guard. Even more so than normal, as there seems to be something dark underway, with undead appearing far too often to be a coincidence. Please check that our family vaults have not been desecrated, and be on your guard.

Until we meet again,
Your humble and loyal son,
Leutenant Ignar Rantson of the Fireforge Clan


bakaryu Niknokitueu

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