Age of Heroes

Bright Dawns & Deep Shadows

A private letter

Dearest E.
My goodness, the weeks have flown by since my last letter.
Riverbrook is gradually returning to some semblance of normality. The debris from the battle is cleared from the streets and the repairs are proceeding at good pace, although the fields to the east will bear the scars of battle for a few seasons yet. The time for grieving is passing, and the town’s spirit grows stronger with every dawn.
To help mark this I had an idea to propose a memorial to the fallen defenders of Riverbrook, perhaps a statue in a small garden. I approached Mayor Christenson to discuss this and it transpires he had a similar notion, to be announced at the town fair. With the mayor’s approval I have volunteered to organise this.
I have also moved out of the Riverbrook Rest and taken a lease on a small but comfortable cottage on the edge of town, near the temple to Lugh. I still frequent the Rest most days, and a few of us have a regular card game in the back room. Master Barrin has even named a spicy meat sandwich in my honour!
Alas, ‘twas not long before word came of a new threat. Some of the labourers building the new keep to defend Riverbrook were found mysteriously slain. The task of investigating the killings fell to the Irregulars and we soon discovered a network of old tunnels beneath the site of the town’s new defences. Cautiously we made our way through the narrow passage ways and soon encountered ghoulish undead abominations. Horrid creatures that were once living people.
My darling, encountering such…
things makes me more determined than ever to find a way to bring you back safe to me. I cannot bear the thought that while you are gone there is even a chance some foul necromancer may inflict this cruel fate on you. I take some small comfort that you reside in the boneyards of Everance where such wickedness would struggle to stay hid. But I must not dwell on such morbid fantasies or I shall weep when I must stay strong.
The good folk of Riverbrook are depending on me and my companions to keep them safe, and I need to keep Riverbrook safe to give you a good home to return to.
Forever yours,


bakaryu HackMonkey

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