Age of Heroes

Igner Rant, Post-battle Debreif, Sah!

A short account of the night defense of Riverbrook.

Sir, as planned, when the Orcs attacked we showered them with missile fire and retreated in an orderly fashion to the walls. The militia behaved impeccably, sire, all due no doubt to Lauren’s budding leadership abilities. We kept them from swamping the wall until the gates looked ready to fail, then I went down to help hold the gate with those chosen for the job.

I must say, sire, that I am very proud of them. Militia they may be, but not one of them broke when the Orcs brought the gates down. To a man they fought, and as a group we were victorious.

The mob that assaulted us were a combination of Orcs and Orogs. The first two Orcs to face me died in short order, which was the reason why their leader, an Orog, decided to try to cut me down to size. He failed to do so. His death seemed to break this mob, allowing us to rout them and slay a goodly number of them as they fled.

I would say again, sir, that if it were not for Lauren’s inspiring lead and the Riverbrook Militia’s unwillingness to surrender their town, then that flank would not have held. I am rightly proud of them.

By your leave, Commander, I’ll go grab a few hours’ rest before the dawn.


bakaryu Niknokitueu

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