Age of Heroes

Leutenant Ignar Fireforge reporting, Sah!

Threat assassment of giant ants


I must urgently report on a giant ant-like infestation four days east of Everance.

Sir, as you know the Riverbrook Irregulars are on our way to Elmshaven to find and assist father Lazarus, and accompanying brother Elbarass and a supply cargo on the way.

Some four days into our journey some local villagers reported that cattle had been disappearing from their fields. Suspecting Orcan foul play was behind this we decided to investigate.

Whilst searching the nearby fields we had no sooner came across collapsed depressions in the ground when three gigantic ant-like creatures assaulted us. Their ambush was successful mainly because their antennas were indistinguishable from the ears of corn in the field.

These creatures were larger than man-sized, looking like the devil’s own cross between an ant and a locust, with large spearing and grasping claws as their primary weapons, but also able to spit acid at us as well.

They are very strong – two of them together pinned me so securely it took most of the combat to free myself of their grasps.

The trail from these attackers led us to a series of subterranean tunnels, where we disposed of a total of 6 more of these creatures, one obviously the queen, laying her eggs. We also disposed of the eggs, and then backtracked their route until we found a bullette. This famously aggressive land shark attacked us on sight, but by a combination of luck and raw strength we defeated it. Obviously it was the reason that these creatures moved into our area, and now we have disposed of this pressure, and collapsed the tunnels behind us, there should be no more infestation here.

I would caution you to advise the nearby villages to be on their guard – we disposed of all the ants we could, but there were several other tunnels away from the bulette that had already collapsed in on themselves, which may be indicative of other nests that fled that area.

Ignar rant, reporting, Sah!


bakaryu Niknokitueu

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