Owner of the Riverbrook Rest




Barrin is a Riverbrook man through and through, he was born in Riverbrook, has begun raising a family in Riverbrook and will more than likely die in Riverbrook. In his mid forties, Barrin has been the owner of the Riverbrook Rest for over twenty years.

Ever since the passing of his wife due to Liver Rot ten years ago, he has raised his daughter Lucia alone and employs her as a bar maid in the Riverbrook Rest. A fine cook and the owner of an excellent inn, he recognises (and hates the fact that he does know it) that the charms of his daughter is just as much a draw to those who partake of his beer.

Willing though he may be to use her good looks to draw in customers, there has been more than a few occasions where a patron has found himself out on his backside after crossing the line and trying to get too friendly with Lucia.


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