Havrod Leonane

Merchant owner of Havrod's Haversack




The owner of Havrod’s Haversack, Havrod Leonane had always been a man able to spot opportunity the instant it appeared. When Riverbrook was founded fifteen years ago he immediately saw the potential for the town as a trading hub between Caer Stormfist, Everance and the tribes from the Dragonborn Tundra.

He has built up Havrod’s Haversack since the founding day of Riverbrook, and he is now one of the wealthiest men in Riverbrook and the go-to merchant for everyone’s day to day needs. He has traditionally been more of a general store, but has recently began to bring in supplies of weapons and armour in light of the more frequent raids upon the town.

Havrod has built his fortune with the reputation for being a hard but fair bargainer, and you will never find someone in Riverbrook who says that they have been unfairly cheated.

Havrod Leonane

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