Lauren Christenson

Militia Captain of Riverbrook




The granddaughter of Loric Christenson, Lauren has been in the care of her grandfather ever since the loss of her parents during the Liver Rot outbreak a decade ago. The loss of her parents had also hit her grandfather hard, and he doted on her and did everything within his power to ensure that she was not hindered by expectations in the same way that he had been during his own childhood.

That freedom to express herself led Lauren to taking up a position within the militia that protected Riverbrook from the occasional raids as well as a general keeping of the peace. It was during one of the more recent raids when the previous captain was killed, and Lauren was chosen to be promoted.

Still getting used to her new position, she has been relieved to see the arrival of Commander Esteban and has deferred to him regularly while learning the ropes and gaining the experience necessary to command those that she previously had seen as her peers and companions.

Lauren Christenson

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