Dragonborn Tundras

The desolate and icy lands in the northwestern fringes of Genoshia are known as the Dragonborn Tundras and are named after the most well known inhabitants of that land.

Though it can scarcely be called a country with only a single town of a fixed location to speak of, the nomadic tribes protect their borders fiercely against any invaders not turned back by the biting cold or the difficult journey through the rugged mountain peaks.

Despite this protectiveness of their borders against invaders, the tribes here still welcome trade with the Western Kingdom and a small trade village has grown in the southwestern corner of the Tundras which welcomes traders looking for the valuable stones and exotic scrimshaw carvings their craftsmen have become famous for.

The Tundras are populated primarily by Dragonborn of Silver and Blue bloodlines who find it easier to survive there thanks to their innate resistances against the icy cold.

Dragonborn Tundras

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