The Mercenary Kingdom

This region was also part of what was once the Bandlands and before then had previously been known as the Southern Kingdom.

The Southern Kingdom fell during the early years of the Orc Wars and for almost two centuries was also part of the Badlands, until twenty years ago when King Loric, who was then an adventurer of significant skill and wealth, assembled a large mercenary army who struck deep into the southern regions of the badlands and established a foothold. Inspired by his example, other mercenary armies were also raised and over the course of the last twenty years the southern regions of the badlands were gradually cleared of orcs and new settlers arrived.

The various mercenary captains chose to make Loric the King of their fledgling country, and he has been gradually rebuilding the devastated country while ensuring that his northern borders are protected against the threat of reprisals from the displaced orc tribes.

Those mercenary captains in turn were granted titles and land by Loric, and every two years new mercenary forces are encouraged to try to push the northern borders a little bit further, and any captain who can lay claim to new land at least thirty miles long is granted ownership of that land so long as they can swear fealty to the mercenary kingdom and King Loric. In return for this, Loric provides them with logistical support and should they prove successful, help encourage new settlers to help reclaim lost lands from their ancient enemy.

The Mercenary Kingdom

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