The Western Kingdoms

The Western Kingdom is the largest country on Genoshia and it’s borders have remained relatively unchanged for centuries. The Western Kingdom is ruled from it’s capital city of Everance by King Serben, a popular and fair handed King who has ruled peacefully for over twenty years.

The land is not only inhabited by humans however, the forests to the south are home to elves who have their own Queen Everstar and the Dwarf King Stannig Stormfist’s domain lies in the mountains to the north that border the Dragonborn Tundras.

Both races are on good terms with the Western Kingdom and King Serben in particular, who has done much in recent years to promote respect of the borders of the lands the Elves and Dwarves claim sovereignty. They in turn claim a place within the Western Kingdom knowing that their lands are bordered on all sides by the humans and that they risk isolation from the outside world if they were to close their borders.

Halflings and Gnomes are also common within the Western Kingdom though they have no lands that they can call their own. Uncommon but not exactly rare enough to cause a stir are the Dragonborn, they are a largely nomadic people who reside in the Tundra’s to the north and even though many stick with their tribes, more than a few travel to the Western Kingdoms out of wanderlust.

The Western Kingdoms

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