Age of Heroes

A letter home.

To Rand Fireforge, Festung Stormfist

Dear Father,

How are things at home? I have not heard from you since my last letter, despite assurances that my messages are getting through.

I am doing well in the army at the moment, mainly due to my actions during the siege of Riverbrook. The fists of heavy infantry you sent us really made the difference between victory and defeat. With so many able soldiers Commander Estaban managed to spare the Riverbrook Irregulars to make a surprise attack at the heart of the enemy encampment. I did so well there that they promoted me to Leutenant!

You will be pleased to know that once again good Fireforge steel saved my life. It seems that seldom a day goes past without me needing to put my skills to good use. Most recently I helped to cleanse a subterranian lair that was inhabited by a large number and variety of undead. The ghoules, zombies and skeletons were no match for good Fireforge steel, but I found the skeletons to be very resistant to all save blunt damage, so have invested in a good Fireforge steel Warhammer, for any future meetings of that sort.

I would ask you, sire, if any of the sages in Festung Stormfist have knowledge of ancient civilisations that would have been based in the area where Riverbrook now lies. I am talking of thousands of years ago, far predating any civilisation that I am aware of, even our own.

It seems we are now off to Everance, and hopefully find clues to help solve the riddle of where this lair originated.

Until we meet again,
Your humble and loyal son,
Leutenant Ignar Rantson of the Fireforge Clan


bakaryu Niknokitueu

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