Age of Heroes

Campfire chat which Twinkletoes glimpses a bigger picture

As the party are binding their wounds and taking stock at the dam site, Twinkletoes voices a misgiving that has been troubling him since Landar translated the dead dwarf’s last words in the stable.

Much as it pains me to say it friends, I don’t think we should go to the dwarf mine today. We’ve stopped these goblins and broken their dam, but we know from the scroll (and from what that winged kobold said before) these are just small parts of the orc plot to attack Riverbrook. We also know from the scroll that the attack was to be soon!

There may be orc spies in the hills who will report back to their leader that the dam is lost, once they see the river flowing again? We don’t know if losing this weapon will delay the attack, or hasten it. They may only have been waiting until the next moon to give the water time to build up. Without that, there’s nothing stopping them attacking sooner. In fact, it would be in their interest not to give Riverbrook more time to prepare defences and stockpile supplies.

I think we should return home as quickly as possible and warn Esteban and the mayor the orc attack is imminent! With all due respect we don’t know how long the dwarf in the stable has been dead, or if there are any of his expedition still at the mine. With the Captain’s blessing we can head straight back out to see if we can find the dwarves, but the safety of Riverbrook trumps all doesn’t it?

It’s what… four days back to town? We can probably get that down to three if we hurry. Take fewer rests. Maybe even cut down to only five meals a day…!

Only five meals: that is how serious Twinkletoes thinks this is!


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Campfire chat
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