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Campfire Chat, a reply

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Whoa there, friend – I understand your fears, but for the most part I believe them to be unwarranted.

Firstly, about the timing for the attack. If, as I suspect, it is going to be an all-out assault, then it will involve large numbers of Orcans. Which means organising them and getting them headed the right way, and at an adjusted time.

With all my years in the army, I know firsthand how hard organising such a large number of groups can be. And that is with the backbone of army discipline to help out.

The Orc warlord may well decide to up the pace a bit, but I would reason he would not. He coordinated the attack for the full moon because it is easy to do so, and all the various groups will be organised to the same extent and will know when they need to converge. To do otherwise will be incredibly hard for him.

That having been said, I do agree that we may be better off returning to Riverbrook first, and with great haste, so that Commander Estaban can see to getting Riverbrook’s defenses up to speed. And can also warn the outlying homesteads to be ready to run for cover.

We could easily make it home in three days if we push ourselves. I could probably make it in two if I really tried, but I do not believe that the rest of you would find the pace sustainable.

So three days to Riverbrook, and then ask for as many arms as we can to go rescue my kinfolk. They would be of immeasurable benefit to our building up Riverbrook’s defences.

With that in mind, may I suggest you all have an early night, and we can start out at first light.

In other words, Ignar agrees with your conclusion, but not with your reasoning. Go figure.


bakaryu Niknokitueu

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