Age of Heroes

Ignar Rant, of the Fireforge clan, reporting, Sah!

Ignar debreif to Commander Esteban

The Irregulars performed well above expectations, sir, making up for the lack of military discipline with a good measure of flexibility and resolve.

Our first encounter with the enemy was three days out, when we were attacked by a goblin scout force, 5 goblins on top of over-sized wolves. It has been theorised that the wolves were half-worg hybrids, but until I see complimentary evidence, I cannot say for sure.

During that encounter we discovered that you should kill the riders first, as their mounts become less organised once the rider is killed. We also discovered that my troup works best at range, which means my role becomes less a case of battle leader in the midst of his troops, and more a case of blocker to any that make it past the rain of arrows.

We used the tactical knowledge gained from this battle to great advantage when we got to the valley of the hunter’s lodge.

The hunter’s lodge was built at the eastern end of a natural bowl, which the goblins had blocked at the western end, creating a dam. This then filled the bowl with a temporary lake, one we discovered they intended to release at the full moon to flood Riverbrook and help break our resolve.

There were a total of about thirty goblin defenders, with leaders too, organised in ‘hands’ of 6 goblins apiece. They had four watch towers, which were elevated bunkers, each with a goblin sniper in it, to watch over the dam area, and two of these hands, one each side of the river, to deter attackers. There were a further two hands placed one each side of the lake, further away from the dam. There was also a hand of goblins living in the hunter’s lodge, being led by a magic-using goblin, who was in overall command.

We made good use of our ranged attacks, isolating each group in turn and decimating them by the time they could reach us. Of special note here is Twinkletoes, who bravely snuck into two of the bunkers in order to eliminate the snipers and allow us to surprise one of the hands defending the dam.

We discovered the body of a Dwarf at the lodge, one that had been pressed into service building the great blocks that had been used to dam the river. Unbeknownst to them he also wrote us a message in his own blood telling us how to safely release the water, and we did so. If we all survive this coming battle, he deserves to be reburied with full honour, as befits his bravery.

We then made all possible speed back here to warn you of an all-out attack that has been organised for the night of the full moon.


bakaryu Niknokitueu

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