Age of Heroes

Ignar Rant, reporting, Sah!

A report on the Elimination of Garrok, Orc chief.

Sir, we headed out at full dark, as arranged, and met with the ‘Watchers’ in the northern woods. The leader of these, an un-named half-elf, regarded Arthur as his rightful lord and king – something which may well bear looking into – and agreed to use his fifty scouts to try to draw the guard remnant away from Garrok’s camp.

Whilst we were on our way to the staging point we were assaulted by a moderate-sized band of Orcs, which we cut down in short order. There were no other enemy scouts encountered before the Orc grand assault began. A few minutes after the Orc’s assault began the Watchers staged their diversionary assault-and-retreat, drawing nearly all of Garrok’s remaining defenders away. In the end there were only two Orogs and three Orcs that stayed as camp guards. The irregulars stormed the camp guards, leaving Arthur and his knights to sidestep this combat and face Garrok directly.

Special mention of Torrin is worth noting here – during this nasty combat with two Orogs and associated Orcs he stood by my side, fearlessly casting his magics in the face of mighty opposition. Without him, I would surely have fallen to the combined attacks of those two monsters, for even with his help we were severely pressed. Still, when I dropped the last of our foes, Torrin was down but stable, having given his utmost for the cause. The combat with Garrok had gone badly for our knights, with all of them sorely beaten on, and all close to falling. I even had time lend my aid before they’d managed to drop their single foe. Still, we were victorious, and with no friendly deaths.

We raided Garrok’s tent for anything of value before high-tailing it back here with his body. The rest you already know about.

Once again I feel that the Irregulars have performed well, only slightly hampered by the variation in combat styles between our knightly allies’ direct approach and our own more ranged-attrition approach. I believe the best approach for the near future would be to keep our two groups working together. Given the Watcher’s response to Arthur, I feel keeping a close eye on the lord would be advantageous. If dark days truly lie ahead, we really don’t need anything upsetting the current stability of the Western Kingdom, and the rule of good King Serben.


bakaryu Niknokitueu

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