Age of Heroes

Leutenant Ignar Fireforge, reporting, Sah!

A report on Riverbrook's Town Fair

Side note: I had intended to flush out a conversation with Dai before posting this, but as he is no longer playing in this campaign I have crafted the conversation with Morgannwg the way I wanted it to go.

I have concluded my investigation into the events at the Grande Melee during the Fair and find the results to be both worrying and intriguing. As you know, I entered various contests during the Fair. I did not expect to do well in some of them, for example in archery, but competed in the spirit of fair play.

You may not have been aware but in the Grand Melee I had expected to get into the semi finals. My martial expertise, whilst not all-encompassing, seemed to be far superior to most of the competition entrants.

It was with such expectations that I entered contest with the first of my opponents, none other than Twinkletoes Lightfinger, my associate from the irregulars. Knowing that he was no match for me I undertook to minimise his embarrassment and tried to finish the fight quickly. But after just exchanging our first blows I suddenly passed out, and was unrousable for several minutes. When I finally awoke, I felt completely fine, and not at all groggy. I immediately suspected foul play.

Having seen our blades, I knew that they were not poisoned. Indeed, I suspect such a thing to be beneath my ally and then opponent, but still had to rule it out. Indeed, the effects on me were very similar to those upon our goblin opponents when Morgannwg cast a sleeping enchantment upon them.

With this in mind I made enquiries about those near to the contest area, and one fellow was good enough to mention that he saw someone in the shadows between some nearby tents, though he was already too far gone in ale to be able to make out his face. This reinforced my presumption of magic use. Having conferred with Morgannwg, she affirmed my worst fears, in that the sleeping enchantment is one commonly known amongst mages, as was the ability to occlude other’s senses. I bade her to enquire amongst her fellows to see if any of them had a grudge against either us or the town militia, but so far she has not uncovered anything of note.

Having no personal enemies I am aware of, and noting that there seems little or no anti-dwarf sentiment in the town, I have concluded that this was either an attempt to discredit the ability of the king’s guards or to try to belittle the abilities of the town militia.

With all routes of investigation thus stalled, I am forced to await our opponent’s next move. Maybe he will try something more overt next time, and if so, I will be ready for him.

Ignar rant, reporting, Sah!


bakaryu Niknokitueu

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