Age of Heroes

Leutenant Ignar Fireforge reporting, Sah!.

An update for Commander Estaban


Herewith a ground’s-eye report on the Orcan threat.

A mere day away from Elmshaven we came across smoke rising from a village. Upon investigating we found a bugbear raiding party, 6 strong, two mounted on huge bears. We dealt with them easily enough, only to find that not only were they stealing children for food, but that they were only a part of the raiding party, an equal number having gone on to another nearby village to raid that one as well.

After receiving directions from a villager we set off in pursuit. Unfortunately we were not in time to prevent them attacking that village, but did catch them as they left to regroup with the one we destroyed earlier.

We managed to save all the captured children, killed all 12 bugbears and 4 bears in total from both raiding parties, and helped restore order in the area.

It worries me that such threats are roaming almost unopposed in this area – it tells me that we really need to thin down the numbers of Orcans around here. We will do our part, but request you send more reinforcements to Elmshaven to help with the war effort.

Your loyal officer,
Leutenant Ignar Fireforge, Sah!


bakaryu Niknokitueu

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