Age of Heroes

Mission Successful, Sah!

Aw, hell, a Hydra!

As requested, we set off into the mountains in the north of here to find a band of scouts that had gone missing.

All proceeded peacefully for the first few days, but I feel the need to report the presence of a large Orc town just the other side of the mountains. Mindful of the fact that we could not easily defeat them, and not wanting to give away the existence of the mountain pass by conducting raids against the town, we decided to file its existence away for a future seek and destroy mission.

Several days further north we encountered and defeated a small village of undead, and soon after found the remains of some of the scouts. One we managed to rescue alive, and set to his recovery.

We also found an old abandoned iron mine, where we found another scout and the remains of the rest of them. It was also the place we battled a Hydra.

You may have heard legends about this fearsome beast, and I can confirm most are probably true. It was all that I and my comrade could do to hold it in place whilst our comrades rained death upon it from afar. For each head that we destroyed, another two took its place. Indeed, before it died there were a full twelve heads attached to the fearsome body, each as deadly as the next.

Upon our return journey we were attacked by a magic using ogre, who appeared and immediately cast a fearsome spell that killed one of the two scouts we found, and would have killed the other too if he didn’t just happen to be covered by our shields. This creature proved a fearsome fighter, able to use magic to evade us and both weapons and magic to harm. Still we proved victorious, though as I said, it was at a cost of one of the two scouts we had rescued.

Now, if you would excuse me sir, we are going to have a short, if well deserved, rest.

Ignar Rant, reporting, Sah!


bakaryu Niknokitueu

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