Age of Heroes

Riverbrook Irregulars

A private letter

My dearest E.
Whilst my companions and I may have made the road to Riverbrook safe again, the town’s principal artery has always been it’s namesake. The river level has been unseasonably low recently. So low that a boat ran aground just outside of town. Commander Esteban has charged our merry band, the ‘Riverbrook Irregulars’ as he likes to call us, with travelling upriver to determine the cause.
And determine the cause we certainly did. Goblins! A whole tribe of them had taken over a ranger’s camp four days upstream and dammed the river with massive boulders. You might be forgiven for thinking that is an impressive feat of engineering for such crude creatures. It seemed the goblins had raided a nearby dwarven mine and forced their masons to carry out the dastardly task.
One however had the presence of mind to build in a fundamental flaw. A weak spot in the keystone and left a clue in an old stableblock that served as his cell. Sadly we were too late to save that nameless hero, but with his help we were able to destroy the dam and restore the river. His last message was also a plea to aid his kin at the mine, which we now feel obligated to honour.
Cause for celebration you might think but no. Amongst the detritus of the occupying goblins’ leader we found a scroll confirming the orc plot against Riverbrook the winged kobold of our previous engagement had claimed. Moreover this scroll detailed a time for the orc attack on the town, the next full moon!
We also learned the purpose of the dam was to herald the orc assault by unleashing a great tide of water down the river to sweep away the town defences and swamp the militia. I had feared the destruction of the dam might bring forward the attack, but our trusty seasoned soldier Ignar advised that the orcs would most likely adhere to their planned date. Using the full moon as a signal being the only reliable way to coordinate such brute and disparate creatures.
After discussing the situation around the campfire we resolved to return to Riverbrook at best speed to warn Commander Esteban and Mayor Christenson. With the commander’s leave, we will then return to the dwarven mine in the hope we are not too late to help them. We leave at first light, and I fear there may not be opportunity to write again until after the battles to come.
Forever yours,


bakaryu HackMonkey

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