Commander of the King's Guard




The commander of King Serben’s Royal Guard, Esteban is a well known figure in Everance with a reputation for being strict but fair on both the men under his command and those he is charged to protect.

He grew up alongside the then-prince Serben and the two have forged an enduring and lasting friendship. He was promoted to the rank of Commander after he had uncovered a plot by a number of Serben’s advisors to assassinate the King and his family in order to form a republic and place themselves in a position of power as the ruling council.

Despite what was reportedly a King’s ransom in bribes and an attempt against his own life, Esteban brought word of the treasonous plot to Serben. The nobles were tried, found guilty and executed – a swift and brutally thorough dismantling of the power held by the noble houses involved quickly followed, a sequence of events that coincided with Esteban’s own promotion and rise to fame.

The increasingly intense raids upon Riverbrook has given King Serben great cause for concern, and he has subsequently dispatched his most trusted man to investigate the cause, shore up the defences of the town and if possible put an end to the raids once and for all.


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