Loric Christenson

Mayor of Riverbrook




Born into nobility in Everance, the Christenson family was one of those caught up in the plot to assassinate King Serben. Even though Loric himself was unaware of the plot he was caught up in the collateral damage that followed once the plot was uncovered and those responsible taken to task.

He does not hold any kind of grudge against Serben, and has instead taken it as an opportunity to break free from the suffocating life that being the eldest son of a major noble could be. He grabbed that chance with both hands, and was part of the original group of settlers responsible for founding Riverbrook.

His education in administration, logistics and the natural aura of command that the life of a nobleman had instilled in him made him the ideal choice for mayor of the fledgling town, and under his stewardship Riverbrook has grown into the bustling trading town that it is today.

Loric Christenson

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