Age of Heroes

An Irregular Postscript

A private letter

My darling E.
Fortune looks upon us, good and bad. I shall begin with the good news. We made reasonable time back to Riverbrook, arriving in three days although the lack of decent and regular meals took a heavy toll on me. On the way we met up with that foolish knight and his aides again, however they appear to have done some good.
They had also run into some of the goblins riding wolves and tracked them back to that dwarven mine. They were able to defeat the goblins and rescue the dwarves, from whom we have learned the name of the heroic mason: Durgaz Hammernell, their leader. I believe Ignar will petition Commander Esteban for proper burial honours should time allow.
Speaking of time, we were left only ten days until the moon heralding the attack of the orc warlord Garrok. Time we put to good use evacuating most of the townsfolk and helping prepare Riverbrook and her defenders for battle. For my part I helped the quartermaster take stock of medical supplies, and advised on how best to prepare the limited food supplies. Alongside Landar I also helped Esteban’s scouts prepare the approaches to the town, and its outer defences.
And battle did come indeed. A force of several hundred orcs, nearly four times the size of ours launched their assault under that full moon. The battle was hard and both sides lost a full quarter of their number before the orcs were repelled. Good news you might think? Sadly not, for the dawn exposed the full extent of Garrok’s ambition. A thousand orcs, possibly more encamped upstream. More than enough to reduce Riverbrook to ashes.
The situation is grim and the odds are against us. Esteban and his officers are holding a desperate council as I write to determine our course. May the gods guide them, and protect us all!
Forever yours,


bakaryu HackMonkey

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