Riverbrook is a small but relatively important town in the north-eastern area of the Western Kingdom. Only a few rivers reach deep into the territories of the Western Kingdom from the western shoreline and these have subsequently become vital areas for trade. This applies even more so to Riverbrook, which is also only a fortnight’s travel from both Everance and Festung Stormfist, the seat of Stannig Stormfist and largely regarded as the capital city of the Dwarven Kingdom.

Despite this position of relevant importance, Riverbrook has enjoyed a somewhat trouble free history, having only been established in the last thirty years it was not subjected to the regular raids and sackings that many towns bordering the badlands have experienced. This has changed recently however with the regular raids upon the outskirts of the town having prompted the construction of a fort watching over the eastern approach. Though not yet completed, a watchtower (6) was built as a priority to help give advance warning of raiders to the townsfolk.

Word of the sustained raids upon Riverbrook have reached the ears of King Serben, and he has dispatched one of his most trusted men by the name of Esteban along with a unit of soldiers to help safeguard the town and if possible crush the orc and goblin menace. Esteban and his men arrived a few days ago, and they have been quartered in both the town hall (2) and the militia barracks (3).

Other points of interest include a Temple dedicated to Lugh (5), the inn known as the Riverbrook Rest (1), the Mayor’s residence (7) and the general store known as Havrod’s Haversack (4).


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